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Chinese Medicine Translation

While it's extremely challenging to explain the concepts of Chinese medicine in English, here is a successful example.


English Translation/英译:The kidneys play the most fundamental role in the prenatally determined factors of one's health. As the kidneys house water and the so-called “fire,” which means “body heat,” they are the roots of the entire body's yin and yang. When there is a kidney deficiency, all kinds of diseases will occur.

High Tech Translation

High tech texts contain professional terminology, but all the terms can be looked up. An excellent translator doesn't need to be a high tech expert to translate high tech documents.

Original/ 原文: 其中一个团队做语音识别和语音合成,並且把这些技術转到手写体输入和拼音输入裡面,帮助输入困难的中国用户增加效率。

English Translation/英译:One of the teams worked on speech recognition and speech synthesis. The team also applied the technologies to handwriting entry and pinyin(phonetics) entry, to increase the efficiency of data entry for the Chinese users who had difficulty entering data.

Poetry Translation

Poetry is considered the most difficult to translate. But look at the English translation of Chinese poems here. The English versions keep all the expressions of the originals in an equally poetic way, and even rhyme where the original lines do!

静夜思 Meditating in a Serene Night
作者:李白 By Li Po (701-762)

床前明月光 The floor by my bed gets moonlight-glossed.
疑是地上霜 At first sight I mistook it for frost.
举頭望明月 After looking up at the bright moon.
低頭思故鄉 I lower my head, feeling homesick and lost.

Note: The first word of this poem, , refers to the bed in the modern Chinese language. However, some scholars claim it meant "well-curbs" during the Tang Dynasty. In that case, the first line should be translated as: The well-curbs appears moonlight glossed.
水调歌頭 Waterfront Serenade
作者:苏东坡 By Su Dongpo (1037-1101)

明月幾时有 When did the moon come into being?
把酒问青天 Holding a glass of wine, I ask the sky in the moonlight.
不知天上宫阙 At heaven's palace,
今夕是何年 What year is tonight?
我欲乘风歸去 Taking the wings of the wind would be what I'd love,
唯恐琼楼玉宇 But I'm afraid the palace of the gods is far above,
高处不胜寒 Unbearably chilly up there.
起舞弄清影 Better to dance here with my shadow
何似在人间 For an out-of-the-world flair.
转朱阁 The moonlight sparkles around a red chamber.
低绮户 It comes down through ornate windows.
照無眠 It shines on the sleepless me so fair.
不应有恨 I shouldn't repine,
何事常向别时圆 But why is it often full when my love is elsewhere?
人有悲欢離合 People sorrowfully depart and joyfully reunite.
月有阴晴圆缺 The moon waxes and wanes in the clear or cloudy sky.
此事古难全 These won't change despite how much we care.
但願人长久 We can only wish for each other's well being.
千里共婵娟 Thousands of miles apart, there's moonlight we share.
If you know both Chinese and English well, you may have noticed that the two Chinese poems displayed below, both by a poet named Zhimo Xu(1897-1931), have been translated into many different English versions on line. Please compare them with the English translation below to see the big difference.
如果你会中英双语,也许你注意过网上很多徐志摩诗篇英译。以下正是徐志摩名作“偶然”与“再別康橋”的英译。请与网上其他英译对比, 立見高下。

偶然 Chance
作者:徐志摩 By Zhimo Xu (1897-1931)
我是天空裡的一片雲 I am a cloud in the sky,
偶而投影在你的波心 A chance shadow rippling your heart as I pass by.
你不必讶異 No need to be surprised,
更無须欢欣 Or too excited.
转瞬间消滅了踪影 I shall vanish in a blink of an eye.
你我相逢在黑夜的海上 We meet in a dark night on the ocean.
你有你的,我有我的方向 You are on your way, and I have my direction.
你记得也好 Remember if you prefer,
最好你忘掉 Or better yet, forget
这交会时互放的光亮 The light beams crossing through our encounter.
再别康桥 Farewell Again, Cambridge
作者:徐志摩 By Zhimo Xu

轻轻的我走了 Quietly, I will leave,
正如我轻轻的来 As I quietly came.
我轻轻的挥手 I quietly wave my hand
作别西天的雲彩 To the colorful clouds in the sunset’s flame.
那河畔的金柳 That golden willow by the river,
是夕阳中的新娘 A bride glowing with the setting sun she is.
波光中的艳影 Her radiant reflection flickers on the water.
在我心頭荡漾 It’s also my heart she teases.
软泥上的青荇 The plants named floating heart growing in the mud,
油油的在水底招摇 They are vivaciously waving at me from underwater.
在康河的柔波里 For the soft currents of the River Cam,
我甘心做一条水草! I wish to be a reed in the water.
那榆荫下的一潭不是清泉 The tree-shaded pool is not a spring,
是天上虹 But a fallen rainbow,
揉碎在浮藻间 Shattered among duckweeds,
沉淀着彩虹似的梦 The sediments keep a rainbow-like dream below.
寻梦?撑一支长篙 Pursue a dream? Let me take a long pole for boating
向青草更青处漫溯 Upstream through grass to greener grass.
满载一船星辉 Let me load my boat with starlight
在星辉斑斓里放歌 And sing in the twinkles as loud as brass.
但我不能放歌 But I cannot sing a high note.
悄悄是别离的笙箫 Low key is music for farewell.
夏虫也为我沉默 Even summer insects are silent for me.
沉默是今晚的康桥 Silent is tonight’s Cambridge as well.
悄悄的我走了 Silently, I will leave,
正如我悄悄的来 As once I silently came near,
我挥一挥衣袖 I wave good-bye with an empty sleeve
不带走一片云彩 Without taking a cloud from here.