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Rates & Transactions 翻译费用

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Crystal has done market research and found $0.09 USD per word to be the lowest translation agencies charge. With that in mind, she has decided to set her translation rate at $0.08 USD per word despite the superior quality of her translation, because there is no middleman in this case. The word count will be based on the original document.


Please submit your document to [email protected] and specify how soon you need the translation done. If the deadline is manageable, you will receive an email confirmation. Then please send half of the payment through Paypal. When the translation is done, you will receive a notification. Please pay the rest of the fee then. The translation will be e-mailed to you after the Paypal transaction.

请寄文件到[email protected] 並说明何时必须译完。如果时限可以做到,你会收到肯定的回音,请你先用Paypal 付一半费用。翻译完成後,你会收到通知,裡面附有部份内容。这时请付清馀款。然後你会收到翻译。

If you have a book that needs translation, the fee can be lower than $0.08USD per word. If you need help with styling, the fee is also negotiable. In either case please email [email protected] to discuss details.

如果你需要翻译一本书,收费可打折。如果你需要造型顾問,收费也有弹性。请电邮至[email protected] 讨论细节。