I had a book signing at a Barnes & Noble store on April 21 in celebration of Earth Day on the next day, given the environmental theme of my new book, Seasonal Living with Splendid Poetry. It turned out that all the copies available at the bookstore that day were sold out. My husband attributed the success partially to my image. 

That made sense, because customers indeed complimented on my vivid rose print midi dress. After all, it perfectly matched the Earth Day theme.

While florals for spring really doesn't sound groundbreaking, it's a safe bet. A floral dress can work fabulously not only for a spring book signing but also for any semi-formal events in spring. It would be a cheerful choice of spring wedding guest attire, too.

To style a floral dress, I would recommend cinching the waist with a bow belt. Bows are on trend this year. Better yet, a big bow in front the the belt will draw attention to the center and make your waist look smaller.

You may already own more than one floral dress. As floral prints are generally classic, you probably don't need to purchase a new floral dress, but a new bow belt is worth considering.

Happy spring!