Capris are back. They can be cutely incorporated into a casual ensemble for a spring weekend, if you know how to style them.

A fitted waist coat, which is also on trend, will work really well with capri pants, because capri pants need to go with a nipped-in waist to avoid looking sloppy. I would recommend pairing capri jeans with a black waist coat, as shown in my photo here. Doesn't this combo excude an artistic appeal?

Capri jeans and pants come in different lengths, all of which will look good on those with very straight calves. However, if your calves are curved somewhat outward like mine, it's better to stay away from the below-the-knee length, which would accentuate the outward curves of the calves.

Much more flattering is mid-calf length, which will make the calves appear straighter, but this year's capris are on the short side, so an alternative can be above-the-mid-calf length in a straight cut. Yes, the straight cut will make the calves seem straighter, too. Capri leggings are only meant for those with straight calves.

I hope these tips help. Happy spring!