Pantone has named peach fuzz as the company's choice of color for 2024. Peach fuzz is quite a flattering color that can make your skin look peachy, especially if you are fair-skinned like me. Case in point: I'm not wearing any make-up except tinted lip balm, not even BB cream or CC cream, in the photo displayed here. 

Peach fuzz goes very well with butter yellow, another color currently on trend. A butter yellow leather jacket layered over a peach fuzz turtleneck sweater will be reminiscent of canned peach slices on top of a cheesecake, looking appetizing while making you psychologically feel warmer in the cold winter.

In the meantime, you can incorporate another trendy item, gray jeans, into your winter weekend outfit. In particular, colorblock gray jeans with black side stripes, like mine, will have a slimming effect.

Hopefully, these tips will bring you fresh wardrobe makeover ideas for the new year. Happy 2024!