Thanksgiving is around the corner. In case you need to dress up a little for a Thanksgiving dinner party, a latte midi dress would be a chic choice. Shades of brown are trending right now, and they can go together nicely for colorblocking, which is always figure-flattering.

Dark brown can be the new black because it has a similar slimming effect. However, an all-dark-brown dress doesn't help as much as a light brown one with a dark brown belt, because an accentuated waist will look better.

So, why not follow my example of mixing latte with espresso? Such an ensemble can work for not only Thanksgiving with your boyfriend's parents or whoever else you want to impress, but for other holiday parties that are between casual and semi-formal. So, if you think it's too late to shop for a Thanksgiving outfit, you can consider getting a latte midi dress and an espresso colored belt from Black Friday sales.

Happy Thanksgiving!