What can be more in tune with entertainment news than dressing as Snow White this Halloween? Why not make a statement about the Snow White controversy? 

Whether you are anti-woke or not, a Snow White costume can flatter your figure, because the puff sleeves will make your waist look smaller by contrast, only if you pay attention to the shoulders though.

The trickiest thing about wearing a puff-sleeve dress is the shoulders have to fit right. If the shoulder width exceeds your natural shoulders, then the puff sleeves will fall aside and look terrible. You need to get the dress shoulders tailored if you have narrow shoulders like mine.

Another pointer is that a puff-sleeve dress must have a slim waist, just as the Snow White costume does. If the sleeves are puffy and the rest of the dress is loose, then the wearer is bound to look chunkier. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you pick a flattering puff-sleeve dress, which is on trend, no matter what you are going to wear this Halloween. Happy Halloween!