Polka dots have never really been out of fashion, and they are particularly trendy this fall. So, it's time to invest in a polka dot blouse.

When it comes to polka dots, the bigger they are, the slimmer they will make you look. However, huge polka dots may look too exaggerated. Those about the size of US quarter dollar coins should be big enough, as shown in my photo.

Why not choose a polka dot blouse with a blue background like mine? Then you can pair it with a blue denim midi skirt, which is currently in style and can always work easily as a transitional piece from late summer to early fall. 

This year's denim skirts are generally low-rise, so it's not a good idea to tuck in your blouse. Fortunately, peplum tops are popular at the same time, providing coverage for those of us who prefer not to bare our midriffs. Even if your polka dot blouse doesn't come with a peplum, you can belt it and make it appear like a peplum top. A wide belt, especially a corset belt, will optically minimize your waist.

By the way, while a plunging neckline is prevalent, if you don't feel comfortable baring so much skin, you can wear a crop tank top inside like the way I do. Just make sure the crop tank top hits above your waist. In this case, it won't add to the size of your waist. 

Another point to keep in mind: try to find a denim skirt with a side zipper. This is because the front zipper area often bulges and creates the illusion of a tummy, which we definitely don't want. Although side zippers are rarely seen, they do exist. I've found a denim skirt with a side zipper, so I'm sure you can, too.

Hopefully, these tips help you put together a fantastic ensemble for early fall. Happy fall shopping!