Late August is a good time of year to visit a grape-laden vineyard. It's also when to start thinking about transitional pieces, a category to which wide-leg jeans can belong. Wide-leg jeans made of thin denim fabric can be worn right now with sandals (such as my fisherman sandals) and with ankle boots a month or two later, given the baggy jeans trend that will certainly continue at least for the rest of this year, perhaps beyond.

To make wide-leg jeans flatter your legs, I recommend those with side slits, which will open in case the jean legs are just a tad too long (but not long enough to justify to cost of hemming). Then there won't be any slouchy extra fabric around your ankles. Please keep in mind that straight lines are more elongating than zigzag ones. So, it's in your best interest to keep your wide jean legs straight.

In addition, since wide-leg jeans are generally loose around the hips, you can tuck your shirt. In this case, you should go for a high rise when selecting a pair of wide-leg jeans. High-rise jeans with a tucked-in top will enhance the length of your legs, too.

My vertical proportions are a short torso + long legs to begin with, but it never hurts to optically lengthen the legs. Regardless of your proportions, a high rise always works better than a low rise when it comes to jeans, even when the fashion industry is promoting the low one. Sometimes we have to be anti-trend to look great.

I hope these tips help. Happy shopping!