Maxi dresses are everywhere this summer. How can you make a maxi dress flatter your figure?

First, cinch your waist with a thick belt, one with a big bow at the center will work best, as the bow will draw attention to the center, making your waist appear narrower. Better yet, bows are on trend right now and will never go out of style. 

Secondly, the length of your maxi dress should not be too long. Don't let it hit the floor unless you are going to a formal event. A casual floor-length dress will look too draggy. It's better to reveal your shoes. 

Speaking of the shoes, only tall women (5'6" and above) will look good in a maxi dress with flats. Otherwise, a little boost in height from 2-to-3-inch heels or wedges will be nice.

Hoping these tips help. Happy summer!