Mermaidcore is one of this summer's hottest trends. However, if you are not confident about baring your midriff, can mermaidcore work for you?

The answer is yes, if you follow my example by putting on a high-waist mermaid skirt and a V-hem crop top. In this case, you only expose the boniest section of your ribcage while the V hem of the crop top draws attention to the center and creates the illusion of a narrower body.

Complete the outfit with nude colored shoes, which will evoke the image of a mermaid in the process of getting her fishtail transformed into human feet. 

Speaking of shoes, those with criss-cross straps will form a V shape below each of your ankles and thus seem to extend their length. Even though I have proportionally long legs to begin with, I still like the ankle-elongating effect. I bet you will, too.

I hope these tips help you enjoy mermaidcore. Happy shopping!