Valentine's Day 2023

If you are doing last-minute shopping for your Valentine's outfit, you are probably looking for a day-to-night dress, because Valentine's Day is going to be a weekday this year. In this case, an above-the-knee, sleeveless dress should work, and one with black side panels will flatter your figure. As for the main color of the colorblock dress, I would highly recommend hot pink for the Barbiecore trend, which started last year and still stays strong this year, partly thanks to a Barbie movie that's scheduled to come out this summer.

Even though hot pink may seem a little too eye-catching for your workplace or college classes, your colleagues or classmates will accept it on Valentine's Day, as long as your hot pink dress is not too short (no shorter than mid-thigh) and you cover it with a blazer or jacket in another color. The simplest way is to put a black blazer over it. Or you can follow my example by choosing a cropped plaid jacket. 

Another current trend you can apply to your Valentine's outfit is sheer clothing. You may already own a black sheer blouse with short sleeves or half sleeves. If not, it's easy to pick one right now. You can layer the sheer blouse under your sleeveless dress. Then, when you take off your blazer or jacket for Valentine's dinner, the sheer sleeves of the blouse under the dress will add allure to your style in a classy way.

One more trend perfect for Valentine's Day spotlights rosettes. You can embellish your dress with a large rosette pin, which will match the roses coming from your Valentine. You can wait until right before dinner to put on the rosette pin. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you look fabulous from day to night. Happy Valentine's Day!

Bloomingdales V Day