pink sweater, two-toned cargo pants & latte colored leather jacket

Did you watch the Golden Globes 2023? If so, did you notice that pink was the reigning color on the award show's red carpet? Apparently, the barbiecore trend that started last year will continue this year. Even if you are not going to a formal event any time soon and thus don't need a pink evening gown, at least consider buying a pink sweater!

You can follow my example by wearing a bubblegum pink sweater with a pair of cargo pants with pink accents. Please note that cargo pants will stay on trend this year. While the wide legs of cargo pants may add unwanted volume to your lower body, two toned cargo pants will look better as long as the secondary color is strategically placed. It would work best if the two colors of the two toned cargo pants can divide the horizontal view. That would optically minimize the wide legs of the cargo pants.

Just because we always want to divide the horizontal view, your jacket should not be in the same color as your sweater. Neutral colors all go pretty well with pink. My oversize leather jacket in the color of latte really can match any sweater. I would highly recommend it or something like it. 

I hope you find these tips helpful. Happy 2023!

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