A metallic dress with a black wide belt

A metallic dress would be a fantastic choice for holiday parties. The only problem is that it will reflect the light and thus may make you look bigger than you are. To solve this problem, you can cinch the waist of the dress with this season's wide belt.

A black wide belt is particularly slimming, and black happens to go well with metallic colors. As a matter of fact, the contrast between the metallic dress and the black belt will optically trim your waist more than an all black dress can do. Why not let the metallic color optically expand your bust and have the black minimize your waist at the same time?

Strong colors work best when they are used sparingly. That's why I usually don't wear an all-black or all-red dress but often choose belts in black and red. I love red lips, too. Bright red is the most classic lipstick color, and it happens to be trendy this holiday season. Seize this trend if you have small lips!

Last but not least, you can certainly wear boots with a cocktail dress. In particular faux suede boots look classy and are waterproof. In case your holiday party takes place on a rainy or snowy day, faux suede really would be better footwear than real suede.

Hoping you find the tips provided above helpful! Happy holidays!

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