A mini dress over patchwork pants

When the weather gets colder, it's really great to seize the current trend of wearing a dress over pants.  You get to keep your legs warm while showing off a cute dress! The only issue is how to avoid looking heavier.

The problem is easy to solve, because many of this year's mini dresses are too short. You can easily find a micro mini dress that might cause wardrobe malfunction when you just wear it by itself but can work fabulously with long pants, as shown in my photo. Such a super short A-line dress can camouflage your hip area when you wear it over pants.

Better yet, you can get a pair of patchwork pants that are two-toned, like mine. The two-toned design divides the horizontal view and can therefore create a slimming effect. That's why they can be wide-leg pants and still won't optically thicken your legs. 

Another pointer is color coordinaton. It's better to choose a mini dress and overpatch pants in similar colors. A color-coordinated ensemble will make you look sleeker and taller.

Hope these tips help! Happy shopping!

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