Stanford homecoming 2022

For daytime activities of my college reunion homecoming, I layered a plaid slip dress over a semi-sheer blouse and completed the outfit with this fall's oxford shoes. For the reminiscently collegiate combo, I purposefully picked a diagonal plaid pattern, because diamond-shaped prints somehow have a slimming effect.

Slip dresses are back in style, and they are versatile. You can layer a T-shirt or a button-down shirt underneath it in the fall. The only problem is, slip dresses don't have a nip in the waist, and wearing something inside could optically thicken your torso. How can you don a slip dress in the fall without looking like quite a few pounds heavier? Here are three pointers for you to consider:

1. As stated earlier, choose a diamond-shaped print or a diagonal plaid.

2. Cinch the waist of the T-shirt or blouse you are wearing inside with a corset or corset belt before putting on the slip dress.

3. Wear black tights or thigh-high socks as well as mid-heeled shoes that will somewhat lift your heels and thus straigten your calf muscles if your slip dress is knee length or above. Please keep in mind that your calf muscles tend to look bulky when you're wearing flats, unless you have super thin calves like Meghan Markle's. 

Hope these tips help. Happy shopping!



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