suede dress

Faux leather and suede dresses are in style this fall. Comparatively speaking, a faux suede dress is more flattering because an either genuine or faux leather dress gets wrinkled easily. A faux suede dress will look smoother on you while showing a leather-like texture.

Better yet, you can cinch the waist of a faux suede dress with a currently trendy corset belt. Nothing can optically trim your waist better than a corset belt.

By the way, many faux suede dresses are around knee length, which is hard to pull off. No matter it's slightly above the knees, at the knees, or right below the knees, knee length is the most unflattering. Knee-length sheaths and pencil skirts are especially so!  Given their straight cut, they will make the outward curves and inner muscles of the calves appear more pronounced by contrast. There's a solution to this problem though.

The solution is to wear mid-calf boots with your knee-length, faux suede sheath, as demonstrated in my photo here. Mid-calf boots can optically straighten the outward curves of the lower calves, and such straightening will make your calves seem longer. 

Ready for a faux suede sheath + corset belt + mid-calf boots combo? Happy shopping!

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