purple cargo pants

Cargo pants are on trend this fall. However, as baggy as they are, they tend to be unflattering. Can you wear cargo pants without looking like putting on a few extra pounds? Here are some styling pointers:

1. Choose straight-leg cargo pants. Avoid elastic-hem cargo pants, which are the baggiest. Straight-leg cargo pants are generally better.

2. Your top must be short when you don cargo pants. A long top over cargo pants would make you seem shorter.

3. Pick a top with an upside-down V hem to go with your cargo pants, as shown in my photo. The upside-down V hem top covers the sides of the waist but reveals the middle section of the waistband, making your waist look nearly as narrow as the visible middle section of the waistband. This is an optical illusion you want to create. As long as your waist looks small, the wide legs of cargo pants won't make you appear bigger.

In addition, cargo pants don't necessarily have to go with sneakers. This fall's oxford shoes can be a more polished and flattering match. You can select oxford shoes with 2-inch stacked heels, which will give you a little vertical boost to counteract the horizontally expanding effect of cargo pants.

Hoping these tips help. Be happy with your cargo pants!



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