Accessorize with a Corset Belt

Submitted by crystal on Mon, 08/22/2022 - 11:52
A Black Corset Belt

Corset Belts are going to take center stage this fall, and you can already use one now to flatter your figure. A corset belt can define your waist better than other types of belts. 

The corset belt doesn't have to be in the same color as your outfit. For a more pronounced waist-minimizing effect, the corset belt should be darker than the outfit. For instance, I'm cinching the waist of a dark teal blouse with a black corset belt, as shown in the photo here.

My ensemble of a dark teal blouse and a white tennis skirt may look like a low-waist dress, but they are actually two pieces. The white collar of the blouse makes it a perfect match for a white skirt. In case you like white but worry about looking heavier in white, you will be happy with the dark colored blouse and white skirt combo (you can opt for a longer white skirt if you prefer). As long as the skirt is A-line, it won't optically exand your hip area. We just need to avoid white around the waist.

By the way, this year's white collars are often decorated with faux pearls. You can layer a pearl necklace under the pearl-trimmed collar. This is an updated way of wearing pearls, much more youthful than you would expect!

Now, with back-to-school, end-of-summer, and pre-fall sales going on, it's really a great time to purchase trendy and flattering items. Happy shopping!


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