A rainbow-colored cardigan over a denim dress


It's time to plan an Easter outfit. Since the pandemic is not over yet, your Easter brunch is probably going to take place outdoors. That means you need a hat and can wear something a little more casual than your previous Easter dresses. A denim dress will do.

A dark denim dress with a fit-and-flare silhouette can make you look slimmer, just as much as your LBD does. To add Easter vibes to your dark denim dress, I would recommend a cropped cardigan in mixed pastel colors that match Easter eggs.

If you prefer a solid color, you can just pick one of the pastels. The cardigan doesn't have to be rainbow-colored. What really matters is that it must hit at least an inch or two above your natural waist. Then it will add volume to your bust and make your waist look smaller by contrast. 

Cropped tops happen to be in vogue this year. Why not take advantage of this trend?

Wish you a happy Easter!



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