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Flatter Your Figure --- Preppy & Pretty in Plaid

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I got carded wearing the ensemble shown above, second time since 2009 (before this, it only happened once in summer 2014). It must have been the Tommy Hilfiger plaid shirt that made me look younger.

Tommy Hilfiger is one of my favorite brands. I love the collegiate looks of their clothes, though I am beyond college years and can only hope to pass as a graduate student.

Plaid is a preppy print that can make you appear younger, and it NEVER goes out of style. It has been especially popular these couple of years. So, definitely pick some plaid items this spring!

The only problem with plaid, as I've mentioned in past posts of my blog, is that it tends to magnify body parts when it's form fitting. That means we should get our plaid outfits in a loose fit.

Next, layer a dark colored vest over your plaid shirt or dress when the spring weather is still a little chilly. Let the dark solid color optically trim your torso while the plaid brings youthful energy out of you.

A navy blue vest will particularly go well with a plaid shirt or dress because most plaid patterns contain some navy blue. Even if your plaid outfit doesn't, navy blue as a neutral color may still complement it nicely.

A plaid shirt is most frequently seen with jeans, but you can also follow my example by pairing it with black Bermuda shorts (choose a cuffed pair in a nearly straight cut for a thigh trimming effect) and knee boots. Perhaps you will get carded, too!

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