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Flatter Your Figure --- Happy in High-Rise Jeans

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Whether you are into fashion or not, you wear jeans. So, why not find out about the most figure flattering jeans?

The best thing about this season's jeans is, they come with high-rise options. By high rise it means the waistband of the jeans surrounds the natural waist or even a little above.

Why are high-rise jeans good for nearly all of us?

First of all, NO muffin top! Even if you have a toned ab (mine is quite flat), when you sit down,  the waistband of your low-rise jeans may just squeeze a little bit of fat out. That's why I would NEVER wear a cropped top with low-rise jeans!

High-rise jeans, on the other hand, allows us to wear a waist-length top without showing any skin. Such a longer type of cropped top is conservative enough for all women and able to elongate the lower body optically. Who doesn't want longer legs? Even though my legs are proportionally long already, I still like the elongating effect.

Meanwhile, we can belt our high-rise jeans to accentuate the waist, which we won't be able to do with low-rise jeans.

Last but not least, if you have a rear end that sticks out like mine, then you know how the back of low-rise jeans will slip down when you sit down. That can get quite embarrassing! High-rise jeans will free us from that kind of embarrassment.

Have I talked you into high-rise jeans yet?

These Levi's jeans in regular size 4,  are the best I've had in years! I finally don't have to worry about sitting down in a pair of jeans!

They are from Amazon but no longer available, gone fast! Fortunately, there are similar options.

Shop Spring Trends at! Offer valid 3/30-4/5.

Let's seize this season to stack up on high-rise jeans! We can still wear them when low-rise jeans come back, because in that case we will just wear longer tops to cover the waistband of the jeans, and then people won't know they are high-rise, but we will feel comfortable and confident.

If you are only planning to buy one new clothing item this spring, let it be a pair of high-rise jeans. You will thank me for it!

Flatter Your Figure

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