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Flatter Your Figure --- Fabulous Floral Dresses for Easter & Beyond

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When Easter is coming up, it's time to pick a floral dress you can wear to church on Easter Sunday and for the rest of this spring, as well as future springs. Floral dresses are forever. They NEVER go out of style. You really won't regret investing in a figure flattering floral dress!

Here are pointers on what to look for in a floral dress and how to style it: 

(The photos displayed below are hot links to Bloomingdale's or the outlet of Neiman Marcus as long as the products are available.)

1) Select a clean A line. You may already know A-line skirts are the most hip friendly, but only when they don't have any below-the-waist gathering. Please keep in mind that gathering of fabric around the upper hips will have a magnifying effect, and choose a dress that stays flat in that area.

2) Go for large flowers. Big prints will make you look thinner by contrast. In case you'd rather keep a low profile and don't want your floral print to be very eye-catching, there are large floral prints in neutral colors that will look understated enough for you.

3) Find the right length for you. The length of your floral dress, or any dress, should depend on the shape of your legs. When it comes to the legs, the concern is either fatty thighs or muscular calves. The thigh problem is easier to solve by simply staying away from miniskirts. Anything from knee length down will be fine.

The calf muscles, on the other hand, are trickier to deal with, but you don't necessarily have to stick with ankle length all the time. Just don't wear anything right above or below the knees because knee length will bring attention to the calves. 

It may sound unbelievable but rings true that a woman with thick calves actually can wear a miniskirt, because those with bulky calf muscles usually have toned thighs. If that's your case,  let a mini dress or romper show off your thighs and hide your calves in knee boots, which you can still wear before the weather gets too warm for them.

4) Add on a wide belt. A belt at least two inches wide will accentuate your waist and make you appear skinnier. Don't think you don't have a waist. Oprah often wears a wide belt, so you certainly can, too.

5) Layer a bolero over your dress. A shrug or bolero will not only keep your upper arms warm but also cover your underarm jiggle in case of any. Even if your upper arms are toned (mine are on the thin side), a shrug or bolero will still do you good by optically expanding your bust area and making your midsection seem smaller by contrast.


I hope these tips help you look fabulous in your new floral dress. Happy Easter!

 Flatter Your Figure

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