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Flatter Your Figure --- What to Learn from the Curvy Barbie

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Today is Barbie's birthday. As Barbie turns 57, she's finally celebrating different sizes and shapes. The Curvy Barbie, shown above, has won positive reviews, though a BBC report indicates that her waist measurement in real life would be nearly 25 inches (24.8 to be exact), still smaller than most of ours.

According to the same BBC report, the Curvy Barbie would be a UK size 6 to 8, equivalent to a US size 2 to 4. However, the doll somehow just doesn't look that skinny. She looks more like a US size 8 woman.

Tommy Hilfiger




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Why does she look bigger than she is?

Two reasons: a short torso and wide hips in terms of proportions (NOT necessarily the measurements). I know these two problems too well because they've been plaguing me since teenage.

I ate way too much junk food in my early teens! See how I turned from a slender child into a chubby pubescent in the photos below.


When I consumed too much sugar and not enough of the bone-building calcium, my excessive puberty weight gain must have burdened my spine enough to suppress its vertical growth. According to biological studies, the torso is the last body part to grow in pubescent teens.

Fortunately, my legs had grown pretty long before the puberty weight gain, therefore not really affected. I feel fine about their length, which allows me to wear regular-inseam jeans and pants despite being slightly shy of 5'4".

I've NEVER weighed as much as I did at age 14 ever again, but my childlike short waist, without enough length to show inward curves, just won't look slender no matter how many sit-ups I do.

A childlike short waist actually could look cute in a narrow-hipped woman. That's not my case though. My proportionally wide hips could look enviably voluptuous if combined with a nipped-in waist. However, with the combination of short waist and wide hips, I tend to look bigger than I am if not paying attention to what I wear.  

I've always been wearing size-4 jeans, pants and skirts since college, though my dress size has gone up to size 6 in recent years due to a larger rib cage and naturally bigger boobs since getting married (not sure exactly why). Anyway, even when I was wearing size 4 dresses, before I figured out how to flatter my figure, those who took a guess at my size all said 6.

Although size 6 is still on the skinny side, no woman wants to look heavier than she is. That's why I'm so much into dressing 10 pounds thinner, and so willing to share what I've learned from experimenting. This blog, as expressed in its title, is all about how to flatter your figure.

Seriously, while I'm now a real size 6 in terms of dresses, I hear more people call me skinny than ever! Dressing thin really goes a long way!

Dressing thin doesn't mean you have to wear black or other dark colors all the time. See how well the white dress with butterfly embroidery works for me? The silhouette is usually more important than the colors.

Doesn't this sound like something you'd like to do for yourself? Check out the previous posts of my blog then, and welcome to my blog every week from now on!

Flatter Your Figure

Flatter Your Figure is a weekly blog on about how to make the latest fashion work for real women of all body types. It presents a enw post every Wednesday or Thursday.




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