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Most Flattering & Fattening Oscars Dresses of 2016

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This week I'm publishing my blog earlier to comment on Oscars dresses. As I've done in the previous two years, I'm NOT discussing best and worst dressed stars, but the most flattering and fattening dresses. 

Whether you have occasions for evening gowns or not, learning what's flattering and what's fattening about a long gown can help you select shorter dresses that will flatter your figure.

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Let's start with fattening number 3, Kate Winslet's Ralph Lauren.

This strapless black dress proves that black is NOT necessarily slimming. The problem is those gold and silver embroidered lines, which make the gown seem wrinkled. Somehow a wrinkled dress just adds volume to the body.

Fattening number 2: Daisy Ridley's Chanel

This could be a stunning gown if NOT for the peplum-like chiffon ruffles around the waist. Daisy Ridley looks fine in it only because she has very narrow hips. For those of us whose hips are a little wider, this gown would make the entire body as wide as the hips! 

Another problem: the armholes are too big, revealing her barely noticeable armpit fat.  See, even someone so skinny has a tiny little bit of armpit fat. How could the rest of us not avoid big armholes like the plague?

Fattening number 1: Olivia Wilde's Valentino

Please don't confuse the most fattening dress with the worst dressed actress. She actually looks impeccably put-together. I love her choker and purse. 

She doesn't look fat in this gown, either, but that's only because she doesn't have an extra inch of fat. This white gown would make most of us look like a tent! All these pleats are magnifying. The plunging neckline and deep cuts along the sides would reveal our rib cage fat as well as armpit fat. Somehow I can't believe this is a Valentino, which is usually curve friendly.

This doesn't mean those of us with curves can't wear a white evening gown. When cut right, a white dress can totally flatter your figure, especially if it comes with a darker colored waistband.

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Flattering number 3: Mindy Kaling's Elizabeth Kennedy.


An off-the-shoulder neckline covers the thickest section of the upper arms and optically expand the bust area to make the midsection appear thinner at the same time. It's really curvy women's best choice.

The only problem with Mindy's dress is the wrinkle-prone fabric. The creases around the waist somehow makes her seem a little fleshy. That explains why the gown is my number 3.

Flattering number 2: Brie Larson's Gucci


She was not only the best actress but also a winner on the red carpet. How smart she was to contrast the red with royal blue!

The vertical ruffles of the gown are romantic and elongating at once. As for the top, the armpits are totally covered. I almost ranked this dress as my number one!

Almost, until I saw Cate Blanchett's Armani Prive

Can you believe this is a middle-aged woman's body? Look at the incredibly tiny waist! Well, she's skinny to begin with, but I've seen her waist looking bigger than this in other recent photos. I don't know how the Armani designers managed to cinch the waist of the dress so much without apparent boning or a waistband. No matter what they did, they did it right!

This seafoam colored gown proves a light color can be slimming as long as it's wisely cut. How can anyone not call this Oscars dress the most flattering?


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