Leg-Flattering Junior Size 5 Two-Toned Jeans

Submitted by crystal on Wed, 03/30/2022 - 21:59
Two-toned jeans


A quarter of the year 2022 is nearly gone, but there's still plenty of time to get this year's most leg-flattering jeans. 

If you are interested in currently trendy patchwork jeans, I would highly recommend two-toned jeans that have the darker color along both sides, as shown in my photo here. The darker shade along the sides will create an illusion of narrower hips and thinner legs. Plus, the vertical division of two colors will optically elognate the legs. 

While I have proportionally long legs to begin with, my height is only average, but these jeans seem to give me two extra inches without high heels (I'm wearing chunky low-heeled boots in the photo). They even make me feel almost like a fashion model when I look in the full-length mirror at home (without shoes)! Of course, a monochromatic outfit is vertically enhancing by nature, so my denim shirt helps, too. Height boosting is definitely a good reason to seize this year's denim-on-denim trend, unless you are already very tall. 

By the way, my two-toned jeans are actually from a junior brand. These jeans don't look too juvenile and can work for adults. You probably already know that a US size 6 adult woman should go for junior size 5 or 7. It's always junior size 5 bottoms in my case. These jeans I've got are junior size 5 regular. 

By the way, as you can see, these are mid-rise jeans. It's great that mid-rise jeans are still available while low-rise jeans are making a comeback. I remember all the junior jeans were low-rise in the early 2000s when I always wore junior clothes. At least there are more choices this time around. I will talk about how someone bigger than a size 2 may pull off low-rise bottoms this summer. For now, let's just focus on mid-rise, two-toned jeans.

You can still wear such two-toned jeans when most patchwork jeans go out of fashion, because this type of patchwork is much subtler and will therefore look classy no matter what's on trend. 

Now multiple brands are offering two-toned jeans. So, don't wait! Get yours before they sell out! 




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