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Flatter Your Figure--- Radiant Rose Prints for Valentine's Day & Beyond

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Did you know Dolce & Gabbana made red roses the it print of fall 2015-winter 2016? Numerous celebrities actually put on this print last summer, as they always would shop for next season's trends. We ordinary women, on the other hand, usually do the opposite when it comes to name brands---we buy from end-of-season sales. Now it's really a good idea to buy rose print items from the winter sales of Dolce & Gabbana because Valentine's Day is coming.

What can be a more romantic print than red roses? Since this Valentine's Day will be a Sunday, why not pair a red rose print outfit with low-heeled boots for a day trip with your honey? You can add on a scarf and/or a coat when you feel cold, but try to show as many of the large roses as possible because they can make you look thinner by contrast.

Even so, if you are curvy (which means you have larger boobs and hips than other women with the same waist measurement) like me, you have to cinch your waist. See the rose print blouse and rose print skirt on me? Tucking the blouse into the skirt will work much better than a straight-cut dress for curvy women. Cara Delevingne made these two pieces a big hit last year. If you couldn't afford them then, you may now!

Besides Dolce & Gabbana, there are other brands that offer rose print dresses and separates which are worth getting for Valentine's Day and the upcoming spring. Rose prints are perfect for spring anyway. I think Dolce & Gabbana purposefully launched their red rose prints last fall because they knew most women would buy them from winter sales and wear them in spring.

(The photos below are hot links to the outlet of Neiman Marcus as long as the products are available.)

Happy Valentine's Day!


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