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Flatter Your Figure---Hide Your Holiday Weight Gain in a Slimming Vest

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When two thirds of January is gone, you probably can button the pants you wore to work before the past holiday season, but the waistband may feel and look tight. I know this problem too well, as I'm experiencing it right now. Here's the solution: a slimming vest.

A pinstripe vest would be the best, because pinstripes can optically elongate you. When the torso looks longer, it will appear leaner, too.



(Note: all the photos of clothing items below are hot links to Bloomingdale's or the outlet of Neiman Marcus as long as the products are available.)

In case you didn't know, stripes are going to be on trend this spring. Pinstripes are the most elongating of them all. If you follow my example by pairing a pinstripe vest with pinstripe pants in exactly the same or an almost identical pattern, you will definitely look taller and thinner. In particular, a black background with white pinstripes will work most effectively!

Besides pinstripes, there are other designs that can make a vest slimming. For instance, if the dress code of your workplace is not very strict, you can wear a vest with a faux fur accent on the bust. The faux fur will thicken the bust and make the midsection appear thinner by contrast.

Another option is an oversize collar, which will also make the midsection look smaller.

One more choice is a cascade knit vest that drapes like scarf and will cover your tummy.

Last but not least, if a vest comes with side slits, it's more hip friendly, because the vest won't look tight on the hips and the slits will break the horizontal view, making the hips seem narrower.

The vest in the photo above (from Bloomingdale's) shows inspirations from Mandarin blouses, which are slimming and office appropriate. I will discuss how to incorporate them into your office outfits in my next post. See you next week!

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