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Flatter Your Figure--- Hide your Holiday Weight Gain in a Sweater Dress

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It's tough to struggle with holiday weight gain while going back to work in January. You may feel frustrated about not being able to button the dressy pants or pencil skirt you wore in the office before the holidays. In this case, let a loose fit sweater dress comfort you!

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(Note: all the photos of sweater dresses displayed below are hot links to Bloomingdale's or the outlet of Neiman Marcus as long as the products are available.)


Black is probably the color you desire most at this point, but don't rule out other dark colors. The dark purple of my sweater dress works pretty well, too. You can certainly choose a similar hue, or another dark color like plum, burgundy, charcoal, or navy blue.



You can have the sweater dress hang loose if you are more or less a rectangular shape. But if you are curvy, which means you have larger busts and hips than most women with the same waist measurement, then you must belt the loose dress.

I know it's upsetting to use a different hole of the belt, but please put up with it and see it as an incentive to help you lose the holiday weight. Those curvy ones of us just have to accentuate the waist (otherwise the entire body would look as wide as the hips), even when our waists get one inch bigger than usual. Otherwise, our entire bodies would look as wide as our hips!

Another pointer is to look for an outstanding design at the center of the bust, like the ruffles (which will be on trend this spring by the way) on my sweater dress. Something like this will draw attention to the center and make your torso appear narrower.

A contrast collar will be great, too, because it will bring attention to your neck, away from the midsection.

Better yet, a contrast collar in a deep V shape will absolutely slenderize you.

One more great choice for dressing thin: a colorblock sweater dress. When colorblocking divides the horizontal view, it will optically downsize you.

Aren't you now feeling less body conscious and more confident about going to work? Sweater dresses are usually office appropriate, as long as they are not too short. In case you like a mini sweater dress, you can use it as a tunic by pairing it with pants for the workplace.

I will present more slimming office outfits in my next two posts. Stay tuned! See you next week!

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