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Flatter Your Figure --- Oh SO Cute in Orange

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Did you know orange is the it color of 2016? Orange happens to be a warming color. Somehow an orange coat just feels warmer than those in other colors, perhaps for psychological reasons. Now, an orange coat from winter sales will definitely keep you warm and make you trendy at once!

(Note: all the photos of orange clothing items displayed below are hot links to Bloomingdale's or the outlet of Neiman Marcus as long as the products are available.)

Don't worry about a bright-colored coat optically expanding you. As I repeatedly explained in my previous posts, colors only play visual tricks on our bodies when they are form fitting. Simply choose an orange coat about one size bigger and keep it unbuttoned. Then you'll actually look one size smaller in orange!

Why unbuttoned? It's for colorblocking. Dividing the horizontal view into color zones will create a trimming optical effect.

 See the lime green mini dress peeping from my orange coat? A combination of citrus colors will always look as refreshing as the fruits themselves! I'm layering a navy blue nautical vest over the dress to optically trim my torso, but that should be the topic of another post. Let's concentrate on orange clothing here.

You can do colorblocking with various shades of orange. Most definitely, you can layer a lighter orange coat over a darker orange dress.

The photo displayed above was taken outside of the nightclub where my husband and I attended a Great Gaspy themed party on New Year's Eve. I had expected us to be photographed as a glamorous couple under splendid chandeliers of the venue, but it turned out to be way too dark in there for our faces to come out clear in photos (you can tell how dark it was in the photo below). So, we gave up.

Although New Year's Eve is gone, there may be other formal occasions in the beginning of this year, such as a fundraiser or an Oscars viewing party. Then an orange gown will work beautifully.

Even if you are not confident about your midsection, you can still purchase a two-piece gown with a cropped top, but put a metal belt on your naked waist for a trimming effect. A metal belt works the same for a one-piece gown.

This V-neck orange gown from Bloomingdale's looks similar to what I wore on New Year's Eve, just with a much deeper V than mine. Here's how my orange gown goes with a super wide metal belt.



The gold color of the metal belt doesn't show due to the darkness of the place (so I'm sure you understand why I cropped out the too dark face of the photo). To give you a clearer idea of the metal belt, here's how it shines in a Christmas photo of me and my husband.



Although the gold polka dot dress on me is unrelated to our current topic, this picture tells you that a metal belt can slenderize the look of a bright and light colored dress. Then you can infer that the same will apply to orange dresses.

Here's the way it works: the hardness of the metal belt can make your midsection look bonier.

If you are not attending any black-tie events in the near future, an orange cocktail dress is more practical.

A metal belt definitely can cinch your cocktail dress, too.

I hope the tips provided above will give you confidence in wearing the it color of 2016. In my next three posts for the rest of January, I will talk about how to hide your holiday weight gain at work. See you next week!




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