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V for Volunptuous Evening Gowns to Ring in the New Year

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If you are going to a black-tie party on New Year's Eve, it's about time to shop for an evening gown. In case you just need a cocktail dress, please view my previous post ( for flattering choices. This post is all about floor-length gowns.

Above is a hunter green gown with crisscross straps, which are currently on trend, but the photo was actually taken a few years ago, and the gown originally came strapless. I had a tailor use fabric from a match scarf to make the straps for me, because the strapless silhouette, no matter how trendy it was at the time, didn't work well with my short torso. A strapless gown will make the torso appear shorter, so it's really NOT meant for the short-waisted.

I've been pretty happy with my crisscross design, especially the cute diamond-shaped cutout resulting from it.

Now I'm ecstatic to see strapless gowns going out and V-neck ones, including crisscross-neck and halter ones, taking their place (you may click on any of the photos below, which will remain hot links to Bloomingdale's or the Neiman Marcus outlet as long as the products are available). It doesn't matter how the V shape is formed. A V-shaped neckline just optically lengthens the torso. 

In case of a deep V with an inset panel looking different than the rest of the gown, it will bring attention toward the center and optically trim your torso. A reverse triangle front panel may even make a strapless gown flatter a short waist because the V shape will elongate it.

V works best for a short torso with big boobs. If you have a small bust, it's better to go for a high round neckline to elongate your torso. When a gown has a round neckline but a teardrop cutout right below it, the teardrop will work similarly to the way a V shape does.

Regardless of your bust size, a Mandarin collar will absolutely elongate your torso


While my blog is meant to help women of all body types, this post focuses on short-waisted women like myself, because those long-waisted usually don't have a problem with floor-length dresses. Long-waisted women tend to just have concerns about their calves looking proportionally short, which is a non-issue when the hem hits the floor. That's why I'm only talking about how to optically lengthen the torso in this post.

After viewing all these short-torso-friendly gowns, have you decided what to wear for New Year's Eve yet? I'm going to be wearing a V-neck gown in the it color of 2016. Can you guess what color it is? You'll find out on Jan 6! I'm going to take a break between now and then. Happy holidays!




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