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Splendid Silk Mandarin Dresses for Fall Galas

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Modern Qipao Silk Sleeveless w Contract Purple Trim - Princess of China 

Did you know the turtleneck is an upcoming trend this fall?  The Mandarin collar can be an elegant alternative to the turtleneck. If it's made slightly loose, it will be more comfortable than the turtleneck, too. 

Both the turtleneck and the Mandarin collar can optically elongate your neck. When the weather is cooling down, it's definitely the right time to pick a Mandarin dress that will keep your neck warm. If you are ethnically Chinese, there's one more reason for it---the Moon Festival, an East Asian holiday celebrating the harvest moon, which will fall on Sept 27 this year. 

There will certainly be dinner banquets in celebration of the Moon Festival in Chinese communities worldwide on the weekend of Sept 26 and 27. If you are going to such a semi-formal event, a silk Mandarin dress with ornate frog buttons will be ideal for the occasion.


Isn't this purple and gold frog button breathtaking? Purple and gold both belong to the autumn palette (think grapes and fall foliage), making this dress perfect for any fall gala, especially for a Moon Festival banquet at an upscale Chinese restaurant.  

Modern Qipao Silk Sleeveless w Contract Purple Trim - Princess of China

The white background, reminiscent of moonlight, is another feature of the dress that matches the theme of the Moon Festival. Plus, this is a flattering choice for the pear shape, which most East Asian women are, because the white color on the upper body can optically enlarge the bust while the multicolored bottom will create the illusion of a narrower lower body. 

Below is another hip slimming Mandarin dress with a white background that will work fabulously for a Moon Festival gala

rose cheongsam 


The way it works is: Chinese watercolor plants go diagonally across the hip and thigh area of the dress. Diagonal lines have a slenderizing effect. 

For those who want to look 10 pounds thinner, the only problem with the dress is that it has white color around the waist, but it's an easy problem to solve. You can wear a waist cincher inside if the weather is cool enough, or use a dark-colored belt. A black belt would be too strong of a color contrast, but burgundy or eggplant would be great color options here.

However, not everybody needs to dress thin. If you are skinny, an all white silk Mandarin dress will make you look like a moon goddess!

Retro White Cheongsam

A subtle print of little gold flowers on white would be lovely, too.



 Another glamorous color combination is white and silver. 


Retro Modified Cheongsam Silk w/ Delicate Binding White 


This dress looks totally classical, but youthful at the same time. If you like it a lot but worry about yourself not being skinny enough, add on a silver belt to accentuate your waist. Then you will look more svelte!

The next white-background dress won't need a belt, thanks to the red coral branches around the waist.

Modern Silk Cheongsam Contrast Red Coral Branch Print

Red is the most auspicious color in Chinese culture, but all red may be too strong of a statement. This red and white combination is just right!

In case you don't like a white background, a champagne, gold or light yellow background would match the Moon Festival theme, too. We've all seen a yellowish moon.



Gold dresses tend to appear somewhat mature, but this one looks exceptionally cute! Since its frog buttons are understated and its fabric appears modern, it can work for all types of fall galas including those unrelated to the Moon Festival.

Here's another modernized Mandarin dress that will be great for all evening events. The midnight blue, resembling a clear autumn night, is very slimming

embroidery flowers elegant dress blue 

Above are all semi-formal dresses. What if you are celebrating the Moon Festival or a loved one's birthday in the fall with just your own family? I will introduce some figure flattering casual dresses in my next post. See you next week!


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