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Flatter Your Figure --- Slender in a Slip Dress

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Remember the father-and-daughter disagreement on a Calvin Klein dress in the movie Clueless? CK once reissued this iconic design in 2010, but not until this fall will slip dresses make a full comeback. They are pre-fall sale items we can wear now, before the weather cools down.

A Clueless fan, I put on as many imitations of Cher Horowitz's wardrobe staples as I could possibly find in the two years after watching the movie. That explains the upper left photo. I discovered the knockoff at a juniors clothing store in either 1996 or 1997.

I'm glad I did that, because I won't wear a white slip dress any more. Even though my size hasn't increased much at all, with just about two more inches around my bust and only one more inch around my waist, I won't. I bet today's Alicia Silverstone won't, either. White slip dresses exude an innocent vibe that goes with young girls exclusively.



I highly recommend white slip dresses for girls from age 14 to 21. If you are within the age range, you don't need to be extremely skinny to pull one of those off. Neither Alicia nor I was model thin. What a white slip dress requires is just a very tight body. A little fleshy is OK, as long as it's all taut. However, in case you are still body conscious for whatever reason, some white slip dresses come in a slight A line, which should put you at ease.

How about those of us over 21 and also over 31? Is there any way for us to relive the joy of copying Cher? Well, you saw the upper right photo. Don't you remember Cher's sheer white blouse? We just have to replace the white slip dress underneath with a dark colored one. Charcoal would be a good color choice because gray will be on trend this fall.

Charcoal is almost as slimming as black, which is always your safest bet. No matter which one of the two dark colors you pick, layer a white chiffon blouse over it and tie the bottom of the shirt into a knot, which will draw attention to the center and therefore create a slimming effect. The silhouette of your slip dress should depend on your shape as well as your confidence. When in doubt, pick a universally flattering A line.


More fall fashion ideas will be coming up in my next few posts to help you flatter your figure. See you next week!


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