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Flatter Your Figure --- Cropped Overalls for Curvy Women

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Late August is time to pick transitional pieces from end-of-summer sales. This summer's cropped overalls are supposed to be a good choice for that purpose, because you can wear them with sandals now and then with ankle boots in the fall. The only problem is, they are generally unfriendly to curvy women.

The word "curvy" here is NOT a euphemism for large sizes. By "curvy women" I mean those with ultra-feminine curves, no matter what size you are. I'm size 4 (sometimes 6) but curvy, and that has made me stay away from overalls, the overwhelming majority of which would optically magnify a curvy woman.

Look at this pair of overalls, and you will see their midsection in a loose cut, which is the most unflattering to us curvy women. Since our bust and hip measurements are proportionally large compared with other women of the same size, we must accentuate the waist. When our busts and hips fill up the overalls but our waistline is not showing, our entire torsos would appear as big as our busts or hips!

Boyish women don't have the same concern because their busts and hips are smaller. Even if their waists are about two inches bigger than ours, their overalls will hang loose on their entire bodies, and that kind of looseness will create a slimming effect.

I discovered how unfair overalls could be to curvy girls in my teens. Then I never put on a pair of overalls again until recently, until I found exceptions to the rule.


Some overalls come with a nipped waist. They are few and far between, but they do exist.

Once you obtain a curve friendly pair of overalls, you can wear them with a three-quarter-sleeve shirt and a wide brimmed hat to visit a vineyard.



Late summer is ideal for a trip in the wine country. You will see clusters of grapes hanging beside the last roses of the summer.

Napa is BEAUTIFUL this time of year. I highly recommend you go before they harvest all the grapes.


This concludes my August 2015 series about summer sale items. In September, I will start discussing how to make this year's fall fashion designs flatter your figure. See you next week!


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