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Flatter Your Figure --- Magnificent Matched Sets

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Fashion trends sometimes move quickly. We were just getting used to giving up the so-called matchy-matchy way of styling, and then matched sets suddenly returned this year. It's a good idea to buy a matched set from the current summer sales, because you can wear the two pieces separately in the future, if their combination is no longer in vogue then.

Many of this summer's matched sets come with cropped tops that would reveal your midsection. If that's not your most toned body part, you can follow my example by wearing a black tank top inside and letting it out. Then you will get the black to optically trim your waistline and hips. This way of colorblocking is actually more slimming than all black, because the color contrast can make the black part look even slimmer.

Here let's take a closer look at the way I style the matched set.

Of course, if you are very skinny, then you won't need the black tank top. Below is the same matched set on a model.

I really love the sorbet colors of this matched set, but it comes in other color options, which are nice, too.

It doesn't matter your two-piece dress comes with a miniskirt or midi skirt. Both will be on trend this fall, and both go well with boots.

Some matched sets come with shorts. Then it's better to pick a dark color because shorts are more or less form fitting. Colors that cling to your body will have either magnifying or minimizing visual effects.

This is it about matched sets. In my next post, I will continue to recommend summer sale items that will flatter your figure now and later. See you next week!

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