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Flatter Your Figure---Delightful Denim Bermuda Shorts

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I used to dislike Bermuda shorts, because those skin tight (like biker shorts) would make the thighs seem fattier and the calves more outwardly curved while those baggy would appear chunky. It's quite a pleasant surprise that denim Bermuda shorts of this summer don't have any of the negative effects pointed out above. They are form fitting but not too tight, somewhat roomy but not too loose. Best of all, they are cuffed, and cuffed shorts with added volume to the hems can make the thighs appear thinner by contrast.

Compared with cuffed shorty shorts, cuffed denim Bermuda shorts in a dark color may flatter your legs more by optically trimming your thighs and straightening your calves. Most women have more or less outwardly curved calves, but the cuffs of the denim Bermuda shorts above the knees can optically offset the outward curves of the calves underneath, making them less apparent.

Now it's definitely time to pick a pair of denim Bermuda shorts from summer sales. These are something you can take into the fall. I will show you how to incorporate them into fall ensembles in October. As for the rest of this summer, they can go with any of your tank tops and T-shirts. A T-shirt with mesh or fishnet sleeves would look especially trendy.

There are more summer sale items you can buy at discounted prices right now and keep for a long time. I will discuss them for the rest of this month. Stay tune! See you next week!

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