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Flatter Your Figure --- Happy with a Halter Top & Capri Jeans

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August is when summer sales are going on, so I'll recommend some items you can either take into the fall or wear again next summer throughout the month. Let me start with a halter top and mid-rise capri jeans.

Capri jeans are something you can continue wearing in the fall. They go really well with boots!

Halter tops, on the other hand, are for summer only, but the halter trend NEVER goes away. You can definitely wear a halter again next summer! In particular, a tropical print halter is forever! Plus, as pointed out in one of my previous posts, a halter can flatter your figure by optically expanding your bust and making your waist look smaller by contrast.

The only problem is, most of this year's halter tops are cropped. What if you don't feel confident enough to expose your midsection?

The solution is easy. Either pair the cropped halter top with a high-rise bottom, or simply follow my example by using a wide belt to fill the gap between the cropped top and a mid-rise bottom. No one says you cannot put a belt on bare skin.

It's wonderful that most shorts and capri pants we see this summer are mid-rise. Aren't they much more comfortable than those low-rise we got? We must seize this opportunity to stock up on them! Don't worry about their low-rise peers coming back. If you are not going to expose your belly anyway, when the low rise returns, just let a longer top cover the waistband of your mid-rise shorts or capri pants.

Capri jeans work better than shorts with halter tops if you are no longer in your teens or early 20s. This is because it may seem inappropriate for a grown-up woman to expose too much skin. To tastefully showcase your assets, bare either your shoulders or your thighs. In other words, when a halter top reveals your shoulders, choose a bottom that covers your thighs.


Of course the bottom can go longer or shorter than capri pants. The shortest in this case would be Bermuda shorts, which I will discuss in my next post. See you next week!

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