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Flatter Your Figure --- Flattering Combination of Red, White and Blue

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July is ending, but let's continue to look patriotic in red, white and blue. Especially if you combine these three colors wisely, they will flatter your figure, too.

I have to confess that I bought my red, white and blue checkered shirt last summer. Checkered patterns are still in, but you may not be able to find the same one as mine. It's OK not to have red, white, and blue all on your shirt though. You can pair a red gingham (which means red and white checkered) shirt with blue denim shorts. Gingham is really hot this year and should be easy to find right now.

The square shapes of gingham or other checkered patterns can create a perky look which is desirable on your shoulders and bust. However, their straight lines may optically diminish your waistline. To solve this problem, you need to make sure the hemline of your gingham or checkered shirt is NOT totally horizontal. For instance, you can follow my example by only tucking the middle of the shirt hem into your denim shorts and letting the rest of the front hem out to form a hill shape, which draws attention to the center and therefore produces a narrowing effect

The denim shorts should be either midrise or high-waist. If you are proportionally wide-hipped like me, get your denim shorts in the darkest navy blue, which can make your hips appear narrower (as you can see the effect in my example).

The same way of tucking can work for high-waist capri pants and midrise jeans, as well as pencil skirts. However, it has to be the opposite with an A-line skirt, because having the sides of a shirt hem drape over the A-line silhouette would optically widen your hips. So, your partial tuck into an A-line skirt should be like a U or V shape instead.

Don't you like the V shape of my partial tuck? The shirt has to be in the right length (only about two inches below the waist) for it to happen though. This shouldn't be a problem because you can always hem a long shirt.

This concludes my red, white and blue series of July 2015. In August, I will discuss what to buy from summer sales and how to style those items in the most figure flattering way. See you next week!

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