Flatter US Size 6

Submitted by crystal on Sat, 02/12/2022 - 21:12
A dark purple belt cinches the waist of a pinkish purple dress.


Ladies, are you US size 6 (UK size 10-12)? If so, this blog is for you. All of the blog posts are about how to make a size 6 look like a size 4.

For some of us, size 6 is the skinniest we can get without compromising our health for different reasons. For me personally, it's because I have a proportionally short torso, though I'm blessed with long legs. In other words, there is nearly no gap between my ribs and hip bones. Normally, there should be at least an inch or two, and three or more inches in some cases, between the ribs and hip bones.

Were I vertically proportionate, I should be about two inches taller than I am. Were I vertically proportionate, I would be able to achieve a curved waistline through working out. In reality, however, the bottom of the rib cage is my waist, and I cannot trim my rib bones, so the smallest waist I can get is 25 inches, and I would look too bony with a 25-inch waist. My normal waist measurement is between 26 and 27 inches. This measurement would look pretty slim on a long torso, but unfortunately not on my short torso, especially because my bust is naturally between 36 and 37 inches without padding.  

Given a short torso plus big boobs, it's hard for me to look very skinny. So, if I can, all other size 6 women must be able to as well, and those size 6 ladies with longer torsos should look even skinnier by following my tips. 

It's too late to regret my puberty weight gain and heavy school backpacks, both of which negatively affected the vertical development of my spine. All I can try to accomplish in this regard is to create the illusion of a nipped-in waist, and hope to do the same for you!