Pulling Off Puff Sleeves

What can be more in tune with entertainment news than dressing as Snow White this Halloween? Why not make a statement about the Snow White controversy? 

Whether you are anti-woke or not, a Snow White costume can flatter your figure, because the puff sleeves will make your waist look smaller by contrast, only if you pay attention to the shoulders though.

Picking a Flattering Polka Dot Print

Polka dots have never really been out of fashion, and they are particularly trendy this fall. So, it's time to invest in a polka dot blouse.

When it comes to polka dots, the bigger they are, the slimmer they will make you look. However, huge polka dots may look too exaggerated. Those about the size of US quarter dollar coins should be big enough, as shown in my photo.

Minimize Your Waist While Donning a Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are everywhere this summer. How can you make a maxi dress flatter your figure?

First, cinch your waist with a thick belt, one with a big bow at the center will work best, as the bow will draw attention to the center, making your waist appear narrower. Better yet, bows are on trend right now and will never go out of style.