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Flatter Your Figure

Among all the trends of this spring, ruffles are the most romantic.

Flatter Your Figure

Cutouts are one of the biggest trends this spring, but body conscious women may hesitate about trying them.

Flatter Your Figure

Some of last year's trends are still going strong this spring. One of them is printed jeans.

Flatter Your Figure

See my wedge sneakers? Can you guess where I was when having this photo taken?



Flatter Your Figure

You may not be a hat person like me, but consider flattering the shape of your face with a wisely selected hat. Let me show you how.


See my Jackie O pillbox hat? Although I was born long after her White House years, I think I've figured out why she loved pillbox hats so much by observing her photos closely---Jackie had a square face, which looks narrower in the photos of her with a pillbox hat on her head.

Flatter Your Figure

As spring officially begins, let's go for one of this season's biggest trends: stripes.

About the Blog

"Flatter Your Figure" was launched on Blogspot on Thanksgiving 2012 to make the latest fashion work for different body types. Since it became highly popular within a few months, advertising opportunities were offered. For the convenience of receiving ads, the blog will be moved to this site on 3/20/2013, the first day of spring 2013. All the posts before 3/20/2013 stay on Blogspot. This blog will present a new post every Wednesday night or Thursday morning.


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