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Flatter Your Figure --- Trimmed by Tropical Flowers

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The Memorial Day Weekend is coming up. If you are taking a trip out of town, consider packing something with a print of tropical flowers, which will put you in the vacation mode even before you get there!

Different kinds of tropical flowers tend to coexist in one floral pattern, so I won't separate them in this post. My example features hibiscus flowers and tropical lilies on what you may call culotte shorts or skort. Some fashion industry insiders distinguish these two terms, saying culotte shorts look more like shorts whereas a skort has an extra piece covering the front (which is not the case with mine) to make it resemble a skirt. In general speech, however, these two clothing terms are interchangeable.

Skorts or culotte shorts look similar to skirts but functions like above-the-knee shorts, also known as Bermuda shorts. They are hip and thigh friendly plus convenient for outdoor activities.

Tropical flower prints are usually figure flattering because their big blooms will make you look more slender by contrast.

In the ads below are two skorts with tropical flower prints. Given their black backgrounds, they are even more slimming than mine.

I pair my floral skort (or you may call it culotte shorts for missing an extra piece in front) with a tie-up denim shirt because the tied knot creates a V shape that optically slenderizes the waist. Adding on a shrug will further trim the waist by enhancing the bust and making the waist look smaller by contrast.

If you would like to copy this style, you can pick a sleeveless denim shirt and a shrug from the ads below.

The shrug comes in various colors. In case you have fleshy shoulders and thick upper arms, a dark color will be more flattering.

Another way is to create a combo top-and-bottom-reversed to mine with a tied-knot Hawaiian shirt and a denim skort. Hawaiian shirts in sturdy fabrics and loose cuts can optically thin your shoulders.

Whether you have your tropical flowers on top or at the bottom, the ensemble will go well with sneakers. Wear low-rise socks and cut U shapes out of your highrise sneakers to prevent either the socks or the highrise sneakers from optically shortening your legs.

At the end of your day trip, if you have time to shower before dinner, you can refresh your look by changing into the dress advertised below.


See the leaves coming diagonally from one side of the waist toward the center? Those leaves and the hibiscus flower next to them create a V shape that optically narrows the waist. The strategically placed flowers and leaves make this dress slimming and curve-enhancing at the same time. It can flatter your figure on a night out in case you stay in town this weekend, too.

Either Bon Voyage, or Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Just remember I'll talk about one more kind of flower in my next post, which will be the last part of my 2014 May flower series. See you next week!


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