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Flatter Your Figure --- Radiant with Roses

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May flowers always bloom in spring fashion, but while floral dresses are everlasting, other types of floral garments may come and go. Every spring's floral trend is a little different from last one. Remember last spring's floral jeans? They no longer abound; in their place are floral tops, especially t-shirts and blouses with printed roses.

Rose-print tops are of course nothing new, just more popular this season. Perhaps you've got one already. I bought my rose-print T-shirt quite a long time before wearing it during my honeymoon in Venice, Italy five years ago. The hat shown in the photo above was bought in Venice to match my T-shirt.

Below is a photo of me and my husband before our purchase of the hat. By comparing the two photos, you'll see how much the hat glamorizes the simple T-shirt!


You may notice my black wide belt. I would highly recommend you use such a belt to cinch the waist of your almost form-fitting but straight-cut T-shirt, too. If you don't like belting T-shirts, just wear loose ones, because a fitted T-shirt will cling to your body like an extra layer of flesh (which is only good for super skinny women). I'm sure you don't want your midsection to look fleshier than it is. Then let's use a solid wide belt to solve this problem.

In the ad below is a black wide belt that resembles mine.

The belt can easily work with the T-shirts advertised below, because there happens to be a blank area around the waist of each T-shirt. Adding on a belt will not break any of the printed roses.

With one of these T-shirts and the belt advertised above, you can put together a casual chic ensemble similar to mine by also getting the hat in the ad below.

This hat has a fabric rose pinned to one side, whereas mine features a satin rose front and center. Basically, when you match a rose-adorned hat with your rose-print top, the position of the rose on your hat should depend on the print of the top. I picked a hat with a centered rose for the centrally positioned rose on my T-shirt. However, if your T-shirt has its printed rose(s) either on one side or scattered here and there, then you should choose a hat with a one-sided rose pin, like the one advertised above.

That same hat can go with an all-over-rose-print blouse as well.

Since rose prints are eye-catching, two different ones tend to clash. It's better to pair your rose-print top with a bottom without printed roses, or you can get a two-piece set in the same rose print, like the one advertised below.

The cropped top and natural-waist skirt reveals a sliver of the rib cage, which is my problem area as a long-term effect of overeating during puberty. So, if I got this set, I would use a wide belt to cover my rib cage, making the two pieces look like one dress. You don't necessarily have to do the same if you have a relatively thin rib cage.

Many of this season's cropped tops, skirts, and dresses come in rose prints, but few of them meet my expectations. Perhaps because my favorite kind of flower is the rose, I'm particularly picky about rose prints. In my opinion, most of the rose prints out there just don't do roses justice! However, I really appreciate the rose prints on the two dresses advertised below.

For those of us with proportionally wide hips, an A line is always the most flattering, but the Ted Baker London sheath is more slimming than most other pencil skirts, thanks to its particular print. The gigantic roses will definitely make you appear more slender by contrast!

When it comes to floral outfits, the larger the flowers are, the thinner you look. It's great that sizable flowers are prevalent in this season's floral patterns. Besides roses, there are certainly other types of big blooms. I will go over them for the rest of this month. Hopefully you will like my entire May flower series. See you next week!

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