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Flatter Your Figure --- Prolonged in Palazzo Pants

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Palazzo pants are supposed to be in right now, but I see few women wearing them. It puzzles me that many women who wore skinny jeans for the past two years are not giving palazzo pants a try. Perhaps they don't know palazzo pants are much more forgiving and figure flattering than skinny jeans, especially for women with proportionally wide hips, including myself.

Unlike the hip-exaggerating V shape of skinny jeans, the straight line of palazzo pants is hip friendly. If you still have doubts, just compare my two examples below. My thighs definitely look slimmer and less fleshy in palazzo pants than in the skinny jeans.

My palazzo pants are especially slimming thanks to their print of huge flowers, which make the hips look smaller and the legs thinner by contrast. It was for the same effect that I chose those skinny jeans with large printed flowers. Skinny jeans in a solid color would look more unflattering on me.

Since the skinny jeans and palazzo pants shown above have similar prints, it's definitely the silhouette that makes the latter hip-trimming. If you like my palazzo pants, you can get exactly the same pair by clicking on the ad below.


The ad shows these palazzo pants with blue flowers, but you'll see a pair with fuchsia flowers like mine after clicking. Both color options look fabulous, but fuchsia seems more springy to me.

Some women stay away from palazzo pants not only for concerns about their hips, but also for worries about their leg length. They think their legs will look shorter in wider pants. That's actually far from the truth! If my example cannot convince you because I have proportionally long legs, see below to compare a lady with evenly proportioned height and wide hips (but what an enviable waistline!) in skinny jeans versus palazzo pants.

See how much longer and leaner her legs look in palazzo pants? It's because: 1) palazzo pants go straight down, instead of following the contours of the legs, and straight lines look longer than curves; 2) palazzo pants cover your shoes to give your extra leg length, especially when you wear heels or wedges.

While this lady's vertical proportions are in fact evenly distributed, her legs look proportionally long in the palazzo pants with the blouse tucked into them. What if you already have proportionally long legs as I do? Then it's better to follow my example by color-coordinating your shirt with your palazzo pants so the top and the bottom will blend together --- this way our torsos won't look almost non-existent.

However, if you are the opposite, which means your upper body seems longer than your lower half, you should tuck a top in a contrast color into a pair of high-waist palazzo pants, which will be the most flattering option for you.


The lady in the photos above stands at 5'8", quite tall, but her legs usually don't look as long as they are because her lengthy torso makes them seem shorter by contrast. Her skinny jeans worsen this problem by ending above the ankles. Palazzo pants in general will help, but her torso still appears a little longer than her lower half in the middle photo. Only high-waist palazzo pants make her height look evenly proportioned, as shown above on the right.

After seeing all these examples, are you accepting to palazzo pants now? Below are some recommendations.

For conservative women, the solid black pair in the ad below will be a safe bet on the first try of palazzo pants.


You can never go wrong with the basic black, but if you are up for some subtle prints, the V-shaped prints shown below can further enhance the elongating effect of palazzo pants.

For lengthening, people usually think of vertical stripes. While that in fact doesn't work on skinny jeans (see an detailed explanation at, it's true when it comes to palazzo pants.

In terms of stripes, diagonal ones are the most slimming. That's a good reason to consider the pair advertised below.

My floral palazzo pants work similarly because their flowers are placed diagonally. If the gigantic flowers seem too showy for your taste, you may like the subtler floral print in the ad below.

The leaves of the tropical plants printed on the pants all go diagonally. It's a slimming pair of palazzo pants you can bring to your tropical island vacation!

This concludes my April 2014 P series. For next month, I will present a May flower series and discuss how to use trendy floral patterns to flatter your figure. See you next week!


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