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Flatter Your Figure --- Pretty in Partly Pink

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Pink always has a place in spring fashion, but this season we see more pink than ever. If you are afraid pink may be too light or bright to flatter your figure, think again. Women of all sizes can do pink and black colorblocking, which will actually be more slimming than all black if you know how to work it.

Above are two pink and black colorblock examples for two different age groups: 20-somethings and 30 plus. Let's look at them again separately.


I bought this dress for New Year's Eve 2004, but wore it again on Easter 2004 with a short-sleeve sweater shrug to make it church-appropriate. If you are or still look 20-something, you can follow my example to pin a pink fabric rose onto your headband, as floral hair accessories are super trendy right now, and pink ones best suit young ladies.

The dress shown above looks very girlie. That's why the example is for 20-somethings. However, there are dresses in the same silhouette that come with more mature designs, so full-skirt dresses actually don't have an age limit. I'm glad the fit and flare silhouette is in again --- it really flatters those of us with proportionally wide hips. Since Easter is coming up, you can certainly pick a dress in this silhouette as your Easter outfit, and it will work well for you beyond Easter, too.
















Sami Gayle Cutout Stretch Knit Bandage Dress H448

$169 USD














Isn't this dress super cute? Most of the pink and black stripes on its bodice form a V or an upside-down V shape, the sharp angle of which can optically trim your torso. The straps of the dress are quite thick, but if your church is very conservative, it may be a good idea to get a pink or black shrug through the ad below.

Choosing a pink or black shrug depends on the shape of your shoulders. If you have bony shoulders and thin upper arms like mine, pick a pink one to bring out a rosy skin tone. However, if your shoulders are fleshy and upper arms thick, a black one will work better. Basically, the colorblocking trick is to place dark colors on the body parts you want to minimize and light colors on the areas you are confident to show off.

With this understanding, you'll totally see why the dress on Kristin Stewart in the ad below flatters her figure so much.














Sale 7%

Kristen Stewart Blackless Strip Bandage Dress H028

$129 USD














All the black lines of the dress are drawing an hourglass for her. Meanwhile, the color around the waist is a deep coral, darker than the shell pink on the rest of the dress, making it waist-trimming and curve-enhancing. Plus, the dress comes with short sleeves, so you can wear it without a shrug to church on Easter Sunday. In case you find it too short for church, simply put on opaque black tights, and then you'll be fine.

See how beautifully shell pink and coral work together? We can even add more shades of pink, as shown in my example for ladies who are and look over 30.

The pink pillbox hat shown above is a great consolation for me while I feel a sense of loss about aging out on pink floral hair accessories --- now I should pick a darker colored flower if I still want to put one in my hair. However, it is absolutely appropriate for me to choose pink as the color of my pillbox hat, and this pillbox actually wouldn't have worked with my baby face 10 years ago. It takes a sophisticated lady to pull off the Jackie-O style.



However, if you are still in your 20s, you can go ahead to order the same pillbox hat through the ad above for future usage, because you will turn 30 someday and the pillbox is NEVER going out of fashion. Even if you don't look 30 right after your 30th birthday, sooner or later you will.

Those of us baby-faced can get away with dressing young for a few more years than our same-age peers, but we must know we won't look 21 forever. Once we start looking 30, we just have to transition from Lolita-like to ladylike. Fortunately, that includes pillbox hats!

By the way, an analysis of how a pillbox hat may flatter the shape of your face is at

Somehow the candy pink of the pillbox hat goes nicely with the shell pink (which is close to pale peach) of the blouse in my current photo. Interestingly, my ombre pleated skirt comes with these two shades of pink plus peach and coral, which all mesh well together.

The skirt looks trendy, as pleats are currently in (see for how to eliminate the magnifying effect of pleats), but I actually got it a few years ago. You may not be able to find an identical one now. The colorblock blouse is available though.

The black along the sides of the blouse optically minimizes the torso. Usually I need a belt to define my short waist, but not with this blouse --- its illusion curves trim my waist more than a belt could!

You can easily pair this blouse with a black skirt you already own. Or, for a trendier look, here's a black skirt with wide pleats and a sheer panel near the bottom.

Another flattering skirt that would match the blouse is in the ad below.

It's called a skort as a combination of a skirt and shorts. It's got a pair of shorts inside. That means it will prevent wardrobe malfunctions, given its very short length (shorter than that dress on Kristin Stewart). This is really too short for Easter worship, even with opaque tights, but would be great for a lunch date.

Those of us over 30 still can wear miniskirts as long as we've got the legs for them, but our miniskirts should look more proper and less showy. Something like my simple striped one shown below would be fine.


The skort in the ad is a good example, too. Here's a larger picture of it on a model (too bad that they don't have it in my size).

The shell pink, peach and coral plaid appears youthful but not wild or juvenile, perfect for those of us who are or look late 20s to mid 30s.

Speaking of plaid, it was a huge trend of fall 2013, and continues going strong this spring in lighter-colored patterns. Although I already published a post about plaid skirts last fall, I'll specifically discuss pastel plaid on various types of clothing in my next post, because most women tend to worry about light colors. See you next week! Before then, Happy Easter!

Note: I'm publishing this post early this week, on Sunday instead of the usual Wednesday or Thursday in order to give you enough time to shop for your Easter outfit after getting inspired here.

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