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Flatter Your Figure --- Picture Perfect in Painterly Prints

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Painterly prints are on trend this spring, but they've always been around as far as I remember, and I've never stopped loving them. This is therefore a money-saving trend to me --- I've already got lots of painterly prints in my closet. The jeans in the photo above are just one example. They were once featured in a post I published last spring ( about printed jeans.

In the photo below is another painterly-print item in my possession. This T-shirt appeared in one of my previous posts (, too.

However, I haven't put a spotlight on painterly prints before. They were not my focus in either of the previous posts mentioned above. This is my first time placing various types of clothes with painterly prints in one category to discuss their optical effects.

Generally speaking, painterly prints should be slimming because they divide one piece of clothing into different color zones, which will make the clothed body part look smaller than it would in one solid color. However, you may want your painterly print to only shrink you horizontally, not vertically (unless you are very tall). Then you've got to be selective about painterly-print items.

The painterly-print jeans in the ad below would be slimming and lengthening because the paint strokes go up and down, expanding the vertical view while breaking the horizontal zone.


If you feel like buying a painterly-print tee, look for one with a multicolor print on the bodice and a solid color on the sleeves, as shown in the ad below. This type of colorblocking creates more horizontal color zones.

If you prefer a button-down shirt, the one in the ad has not only contrast sleeves but also a contrast button panel, which further divides the horizontal view of the body, therefore even more slenderizing.

To confirm the optically trimming effect of contrast sleeves, look at the ad below. This is a plus-size dress on a plus-size model, but doesn't look it at all, thanks to both the strategically distributed print and the contrast sleeves.

Although the printed shirt dress in the ad below doesn't have contrast sleeves, its waist-cinching silhouette and curved bottom edge will slenderize you.

Speaking of silhouettes, the painterly-print dress in the ad below comes in a universally flattering A line with a trendy circle skirt.




Color Printing Puff Dress

$99 USD





Just note that the bust of the dress may be too small for those of us who are bosomy. If you are a D cup lady like me, you'll need to go one size up and then have the waist taken in.

Looking at this colorful dress on me may make some busty ladies think it's worth going through the tailoring trouble. However, if you still would rather not deal with alteration, the dress in the ad below would give more room to your bust with its spandex.

The two dresses recommended above would both work beautifully for the upcoming Easter, and I will present more Easter outfit ideas in my next post. Those outfits will all mix the current pink trend with black to slenderize you and glamorize you at the same time. See you next week!

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