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If your company holiday party takes place during lunch time on a weekday, a dark-colored blouse with a jeweled collar will be a trendy and slimming choice for you to go directly from work to play.

For an office-appropriate dressy look, pair your jeweled-collar blouse with a plaid skirt, which is totally on trend this season.

If you are or still look under 35, you may reuse a low-rise pleated plaid skirt you got in high school or college (BTW, pleats will be a huge trend next spring), but under the condition that it hits less than three inches above the knees (mine is barely passable; any shorter would be inappropriate for the workplace). The jeweled-collar blouse and opaque black tights will make the youthful skirt look more grown-up. Even a Christmassy red belt with a big bow in the front center, as shown above on the left, should be acceptable in the office that day because it's the party day of the year.

However, if you are and look over 35, a black bow and a sophisticated plaid pencil skirt would be more age-appropriate, as demonstrated above on the right.

Please note that the plaid pencil skirt has a bia-cut pattern with lots of diamond shapes on it. As explained in one of my recent posts (, the most slimming plaid comes in diamond-shaped patterns. This particular pattern contains diagonal golden-yellow lines that make it festive. It is a Rachel Roy design available on

A jeweled-collar blouse can also work for casual house parties. In this case, simply pair it with jeans. If you have concerns about your fleshy behind, choose a black blouse with a long tail in the back, like the one in the ad below.

A peplum blouse can work equally well if the peplum is long enough to cover your entire hips, as shown below.

With one of the above-recommended blouses on you, dark jeans will be unnecessary. You can go for a pair in whatever color you like. Before the bright denim trend gradually fades out, this may be your last chance to wear Christmassy-colored jeans in the near future. So, if you own a scarlet red or kelly green pair of jeans, make use of them this holiday season while you still can.

What if you have wide hips but prefer a shorter jeweled-collar blouse like the one in the ad below?

In this case, you can pair the blouse with jeans, too, but look for this season's tuxedo-stripe jeans, and pick the widest stripes you can find to maximize the hip-and-thigh-trimming effect. Below is a good example.

These jeans also come in burgundy and olive, which are almost as Christmassy as red and green. Plus, while you may have to stash most of your colored jeans away in the next year or two, it will always be OK to wear subdued burgundy or olive jeans.

Speaking of trends, wide-leg pants will be a big trend of next spring. You can get ahead of the trend by striding in the striking red trousers presented below. 





Style : 130 Anita trousers

$408 USD




One of the photos above shows the model's behind, so you can see these wide-leg pants are quite hip-friendly. The only concern about them is that their leg width may make your legs look shorter, but that's an easy problem to solve --- just don't hem the pants or hem as little as possble (depending on your leg length) and wear high heels underneath. If you can't stand stilettos, platforms and wedges will work in the same way and feel more comfortable.

These red pants are definitely a fabulous choice for Christmas parties. When it comes to Christmassy red, it's more flattering to have it at the bottom than on top because a red top may make your lips look less red by contrast. If you don't wear bright red lipstick but like red clothing for Christmas, get these red pants. Then you will stand out radiantly at any house party you attend!

I guess I've said enough about what to wear for casual holiday parties. Next week I'll help you plan your outfit for the dressiest party of the year. Hopefully I'll see you next week!

Enjoy all your holiday parties!

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