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Over-the-knee boots only go a few inches lower than thigh-high boots, but those few inches give you a lot more options in what you can wear with the boots.

Don't get me wrong. I've always liked thigh-high boots. In January, I published a Blogspot post titled "Look Like a Lady in Thigh-high Boots," in which I broke the stereotypical association between thigh-high boots and wild girls or "Pretty Woman" by advising women to pair thigh-high boots with mid-thigh shorts or skirts that come only an inch or two higher than the boots, as shown above on the left.

If you've read that post, you may remember I said wearing thigh-high boots in ladylike ways works for many places but would be too eye-catching for the classroom. Here I'll expand on that point. Basically, you can wear thigh-high boots with an A-line skirt around mid-thigh length on a date and the guy will respect you as a lady, but you can't put on the same ensemble when he takes you home to meet his parents.

The skirt in the photo below, however, should be absolutely fine for his parents to see, because it hits only about an inch and a half above the knees in front and drapes even a bit longer on the sides as well as in the back.

This skirt length would overlap with thigh-high boots, and the overlap would make the boots look less stylish. So, it needs to go with lower boot shafts.

Actually, mid-calf is the most flattering shaft length to match an above-the-knee skirt, as pointed out in my post of last week. However, if you prefer keeping your knees warm, over-the-knee boots will be the right choice. Although they come after a tie between mid-calf and thigh-high boots in the leg-lengthening contest, they do elongate your legs, too. By covering your knees, they optically extend your calves upward.

Above is a contrast between below-the-knee and over-the-knee boots. If you look closely at the photo, you'll see the two ladies actually have about the same calf length. The positions of their knees are indeed at around the same level. However, the lady in over-the-knee boots seems to have longer legs. This is just because over-the-knee boots optically lengthen her calves.

Over-the-knee boots are ALMOST as leg-lengthening as their thigh-high counterparts, and they keep the knees warm, too. So, if you get a pair of over-the-knee boots, you may not need thigh-high boots (though I personally still like thigh-high boots). You can wear over-the-knee boots in the same ladylike ways I recommended for thigh-high boots in the Blogspot post mentioned above.

For instance, the photo below on the left was used for the Blogspot post, and the photo below on the right shows that a pair of over-the-knee boots can totally replace the thigh-high boots to go with the same beret, turtleneck sweater, tweed jacket and mid-thigh shorts.

Obviously, over-the-knee is a more versatile shaft length than thigh-high. It does what thigh-high can do plus what thigh-high can't do. Somehow over-the-knee boots look more casual. For denim shorts, they are a more natural match than thigh-high boots.

Please note in the photo above that the cuffs of the denim shorts and the oversize knees of the over-the-knee boots make my thighs in between look thinner by contrast. Of course the darkness of the navy blue tights on my thighs helps, too. This ensemble could be a perfect Thanksgiving outfit in California (though you may need a warmer jacket in most other places of the Northern Hemisphere). The orange turtleneck sweater and mostly orange plaid jacket are color-coordinated with the pumpkin pie!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, the upcoming one tomorrow will mark the first anniversary of my fashion blog, which started out on Blogspot last Thanksgiving and moved to my own website on the first day of spring this year. The past year of blogging has been a marvelously rewarding experience to me. The rapid growth of readership, encouraging emails from readers, free samples from vendors and cordial invitations to fashion events have all motivated me to keep going.

With a grateful heart on the Eve of Thanksgiving, I promise I'll continue to provide fashion tips once a week (next week I'll talk about holiday party dresses). Hopefully I'll have better and better advice to offer, as I never stop growing and learning.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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