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If you like this season's above-the-knee or knee-length circle skirts, wear one with mid-calf boots.

When the weather gets cold enough for boots, mid-calf boots are always the best match for above-the-knee or knee-length circle skirts. They worked perfectly with those crinoline-puffed in 2003, as shown above on the left, and they still do with fluid candy-colored ones of fall 2013, as presented above on the right.

Mid-calf boots go extremely well with short skirts in other shapes, too, no matter they are A-line, pencil, pleated, name it. Haven't you noticed that black mid-calf boots are like the uniform shoes for hostesses in mini dresses at trendy restaurants? Have you wondered why?

The lady in the photo above did something similar to a hostess' job at the Santana Row Fall Fashion Shows---she carried a sign of each brand walking down the runway, preceding the models who were about to demonstrate the latest designs of the brand. There were other girls doing the same job that day. They all wore black mini dresses and black mid-calf boots in the same style. What made mid-calf boots their uniform shoes, too?

Don't you agree it's because mid-calf boots are leg-lengthening? Of course, those ladies in black all had model-like figures to begin with, but leggy women want their legs to look longer just as much as everyone else does. In fact, while not as tall as professional models, I have proportionally long legs, too (though my waist is too short, totally unlike theirs). So, I can relate to their even-longer-is-even-better psychology.

Did you read my previous post about how hip-and-thigh-friendly a white tennis skirt could be ( When I paired my tennis skirt with sneakers in the summer, my thighs seemed slimmer, but my calves appeared just as long as they are---above average but not exceptional. By contrast, matching the same tennis skirt with mid-calf boots makes me look almost as leggy as a runway model. 

The elongating effect of mid-calf boots comes from the way they streamline the appearance of the lower calves. Most calves are more or less outwardly curved, but mid-calf boots make them seem straighter, and straight lines naturally look longer than curves.

While this optical effect is the most obvious on leggy ladies, it applies to everyone else, too.

Below are two photos of a lady standing under five feet, which means she's smaller than most women. You can see mid-calf cowboy boots work better for her legs than platform pumps, which are conventionally believed to be leg-lengthening.

The cowboy-style V-cut is certainly a flattering factor of her mid-calf boots. No wonder cowboy boots are an essential component of the typical country dancing gear. They do make all the dancers' calves look great regardless of their calf length.

Besides lengthening, women usually want leaner calves, too. Since many women exercise rigorously, bulky calf muscles tend to be a concern. For athletic women around average height (which is 5'4" in America), the two photos below can be used as reference.

See, her calves look slimmer in mid-calf boots. So, if you have proportionally thick or muscular calves, mid-calf boots are a very flattering option.

Better yet, get your mid-calf boots in a dressy style, and then you don't have to wait until the weekend to put them on. A pair of mid-calf boots in a simple cut with heels can easily go with business attire.

I hope more women will incorporate mid-calf boots into their work outfits. Mid-calf boots really bring out the sleek shape of a knee-length pencil skirt.

I've seen many women wear their business suits with boots in cold weather, but unfortunately, the boots I saw on them were usually below-the-knee, which is an unflattering shaft length when combined with a knee-length pencil skirt, especially if the knee-length skirt reveals the entire kneecaps. It's better when the kneecaps are half-covered, because the knees are not supposed to be made the center of attention. 

While below-the-knee boots can work well with leggings or skinny jeans tucked into them, they are not particularly good at accompanying any type of skirt or shorts. Since my November boots series is mostly about how to match boots with bottoms that expose some of your legs, I'll skip below-the-knee boots and move on to over-the-knee boots next week.

You may remember my previous post about thigh-high boots if you've been following my blog since I started out on Blogspot. My next post will NOT be a re-run of that. Although over-the-knee boots just go a little lower than their thigh-high counterparts, that small disparity actually makes a big difference, on which I will elaborate in my next post. See you next week!

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