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Plaid appears every fall but takes center stage this fall. It's time to either shop your own closet or go shopping for a flattering plaid skirt.

Above are three photos of me in three different plaid skirts, suitable for teenagers, college students, and career women, respectively. The first two photos were taken in the past, but the plaid patterns in them keep staying on trend, so they are still relevant today.

Plaid skirts' appeal is mostly in their preppy, student-like look. However, the student doesn't necessarily have to go to Catholic school. She could be in college, graduate school, or even a post-doc program. As the styles of plaid skirts vary, they definitely can serve different age groups.

Let's see how my three examples can flatter their target age groups one by one.

My first example is Clueless-like, with the shirt tails hanging out below the cropped vest. This slimming style is back on trend right now. 

When a mid-thigh plaid skirt is paired with over-the-knee socks, the ensemble just screams "schoolgirl." That means you must either be in your teens or look like a teen to pull it off. Since everyone told me that I looked 18 in my early to mid 20s, I continued to go Clueless sometimes during those years.

Katie Perry took it a step further. She did that at age 28, and looked fine, thanks to her baby face. Even so, if you are a baby-faced 20-something but would rather avoid being mistaken for a Catholic schoolgirl (I actually didn't mind that, but perhaps you do), match your short plaid skirt with mid-calf boots. Also wear mid-calf black socks that come an inch higher than the boots.

This way, you will still look youthful without resembling a schoolgirl.

See the red, burgundy and navy blue of the plaid pattern in the two photos above? Somehow combining these three colors just creates a collegiate look, which makes it best suit college girls and graduate students. This pattern would look nice on a pencil skirt, too, but a fuller skirt, like the circle one or the pleated one shown above, would look more fashionable right now. Hip-skimming full skirts are in again this season. They are even fuller and cuter than they were a decade ago, so you have lots of options.

Between pencil skirts and full skirts, there is a slight A line that is as hip friendly as a full skirt and as office appropriate as a pencil skirt. You can absolutely incorporate a plaid skirt in this cut into your work outfit.

An adult woman still can match a plaid skirt with Mary Jane shoes but must skip over-the-knee socks (see  for how to style over-the-knee socks in adulthood). Thin heels always make Mary Jane look more sophisticated. Select a pair of Mary Jane stilettos with their straps crossing below the ankle bones (like those in the photo above) so they won't optically truncate your ankles.

Boots are another youthful-looking option that can go with an adult woman's plaid skirt, but for career women, it's more appropriate to save this combination for weekends. Then you can add on a leather or denim jacket. Better yet, get a jacket combining leather or faux leather and denim in one, which is a new trend depicted in my previous post:

The ensemble shown above would also work perfectly for a graduate student in class or a post-doc researcher on campus.

Knee length is most commonly seen in adult women's plaid skirts. However, since midi skirts are on trend this season (see www.crystaltaicom/node/43 about it), you can pick a plaid skirt in mid-calf length, or even longer. Just make sure you select a figure-flattering plaid pattern.

The most flattering plaid pattern consists of many diamond shapes, which have a slimming effect. Evidence is below in an ad for a plus-size plaid skirt.

The model must be plus-size but looks remarkably thinner than that, so the bia-cut plaid pattern with diamond shapes does work marvelously!

You've seen the diamond shapes on my knee-length plaid skirt. My midi plaid skirt also comes with diamond shapes in its pattern:

Now, I guess I've told you all I know about plaid skirts. Hopefully you'll soon use the information from here to get a flattering plaid skirt for either your fall wardrobe or your Halloween costume.

I'm going to a Halloween party this Saturday night, so I'll display photos of the party in my next post. I'll also talk about how to chose a costume that flatters your body type. If you have a past Halloween photo you'd like to share, please send it to [email protected]. As long as it's not offensive, it will appear in my next post. See you next week!

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